Social Work Month And World Social Work Day

March is a special time of the year, partially because it is Social Work Month. And March 19 especially stands out as it is the official World Social Work day this year.

promoting the importance of human relationships world social work day

World Social Work Day

Social Work Day is always on the third Tuesday of March. It “is when we celebrate and recognise social workers as champions for social justice, self-determination and human rights.

Each year, the day revolves around a theme. This year’s theme is “Promoting the Importance of Human Relationships

As anyone familiar with Elmwood Hills Healthcare Center knows, we place a high value on human relationships and see it as a vital ingredient in our state-of-the art care that we provide for your loved ones. We, therefore, especially appreciate this year’s theme and invite others to reflect on its importance as well.

Social Work in the United States

Here’s a short video about the importance of social workers in the United States.

What do you appreciate about social workers?

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