What To Do When A Parent Wants To Go Home

Skilled nursing facilities can be a great resource for ageing parents. But parents don’t always feel that way. Elmwood Hills Healthcare Center’s exceptional services not withstanding.


One of the common issues children deal with is what to do when a parent wants to go home. This can be quite frustrating for a child who put in so much effort into the process of getting them into the facility. You did your homework and chose the right place, got them in, put hopes into it and now it’s all falling apart. But more than that it can put you in a place of confusion and helplessness.

There is no one answer to this question but knowing how to have the conversation can often be a solution.

Talking to your Parent About Their Wish to go Home

When someone presents a thought we disagree with, we usually try to persuade them out of it. But persuasion isn’t necessarily the best approach.

When a parent wants to go home there’s a reason for it. And it would be best to try and understand that reason. So, you want to really listen and hear them out. Often, the sense of being understood may help change their approach. The point is to be with them in the process and talk about it.

If you feel that this isn’t helping and don’t see their argument as legitimate, you can suggest getting another person’s opinion. Weigh the alternatives. It may help to line up the pros and cons on a paper.

Remember, you don’t need to make any rush decisions and a joint decision is better than a somewhat forced one.

Have you ever dealt with a parent who wanted to go home?

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