Rehabilitation At Skilled Nursing Facilities

Wheelchairs in hallway

A common concern that elderly people face after a fall or hospitalization is deciding on the right rehabilitation plan. As someone caring for your loved one, you definitely want them to get only the best care. But, you likely don’t know where to start and would probably like to know more about rehabilitation at skilled…

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Making Decisions For Your Loved One

Taking care of an elderly parent or loved one can involve a lot of decisions. Anything from choosing the right skilled nursing facility to establishing a healthy diet requires a decision process. But making decisions for your loved one isn’t easy. There’s something legitimate about both alternatives and sometimes you simply don’t know what to…

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What To Do When A Parent Wants To Go Home

Skilled nursing facilities can be a great resource for ageing parents. But parents don’t always feel that way. Elmwood Hills Healthcare Center’s exceptional services not withstanding. One of the common issues children deal with is what to do when a parent wants to go home. This can be quite frustrating for a child who put in so…

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