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Severe Stomach Pain

severe stomach pain

Everyone has probably had their share of ordinary stomach aches. It’s annoying and painful, but you know that sooner or later it will pass. It’s most-likely something you had for lunch, you say and dismiss the subject. Severe stomach pain, though, is another story. Thankfully, most people don’t experience excruciating abdominal pain. But those who…

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Do You Know About The Dangers Of Opioid Painkillers And How To Deal With Them?

Pain is an unfortunate reality for many elderly individuals. Fortunately, though, there are ways to deal with it. Common methods include prescription drugs, over-the-counter (OTC) medications and pain management techniques, like yoga and meditation. Opioid Painkillers Opioid painkillers, a prescription-based treatment, are popular and can be extremely potent. But they can also be very dangerous.…

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