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Eye Floaters and Flashes, What You Need To Know And Do

Eye floaters and flashes are experienced by just about all of us, especially as we get older. Floaters and flashes are tiny spots or lines that look like they’re in front of your eye, but they are actually floating inside it. Flashes, which look like streaks of lightning, are more common with age. Most of…

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Age-Related Vision Problems: Warning Signs to Look For

As our loved ones grow older, we expect to see some age-related vision problems. Trouble reading fine print, farsightedness, myopia, thinning eyelashes and more are all part of the normal aging process. There are, however, serious vision problems that can deteriorate rapidly if they’re not caught in time. Not all age-related vision problems are normal.…

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Generic Eye Drops for Seniors Could Save Millions of Dollars a Year

Glaucoma and dry eye in senior citizens are common and require daily eye drops. Eye Drops For Seniors, Current Status   A study by University of Michigan researchers show that eye doctors prescribe more brand-name medications by volume, 75% of the time.  In contrast, other medical specialities prescribe name brands only one third of the…

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