Age-Related Vision Problems: Warning Signs to Look For

As our loved ones grow older, we expect to see some age-related vision problems. Trouble reading fine print, farsightedness, myopia, thinning eyelashes and more are all part of the normal aging process. There are, however, serious vision problems that can deteriorate rapidly if they’re not caught in time. Not all age-related vision problems are normal.…

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Seniors With Diabetes and RLS

Seniors with Diabetes and Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS) need to pay attention to their needs, from both of these related conditions. RLS is a condition which affects the nervous system. The symptoms affect the sufferer’s legs, causing  uncomfortable feelings and an urge to move the legs. RLS is common in seniors. Figures from the NCBI…

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Restless Legs Syndrome: An Introduction

crossed legs

For anyone who’s ever had restless legs syndrome (RLS), you know that it’s not just about your legs. It can even disturb sleep. Another name for restless legs syndrome is Willis-Ekbom disease. The syndrome is characterized by sensations in the feet along with an overpowering urge to move them. Although the disease is typically found…

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Red Wine Benefits

glass with red wine

Are you a red wine drinker? If you’ve followed health news and updates over the years, you’ve definitely seen discussions about the possible benefits of drinking a glass of red wine day. Here are several surprising red wine benefits that may just be a glass away. While this is just a partial list and far…

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Aloe Vera Benefits

aloe vera plant

Aloe vera has been around for a very long time, and it has been regarded as a healing agent since ancient history. Aloe Vera History Let’s have a look at its history to understand more about its healing properties. The use of aloe vera for medical purposes dates back to Egypt, Greece, India, Japan, China, and Mexico.…

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Maintaining A Healthy Lifestyle For Diabetes Management

elderly man walking by beach

Type 2 diabetes isn’t fun. Thankfully, though, we at Elmwood Hills Healthcare Center know that it’s manageable. And a recent study sheds light on the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle for diabetes management. This may not sound like a major discovery, but the new study shows just how important a healthy lifestyle can go.…

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The Connection Between Insurance Deductibles And Diabetes Care

Residents at Elmwood Hills Healthcare Center know that good diabetes management requires staying on top of symptoms and developments without delay. But did you know that your insurance package may play a role in holding you back from doing just that? Diabetes Care and Insurance Deductibles In an Annals of Internal Medicine article from November…

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Is Neotame Safe?

For anyone suffering from diabetes or conscious about the health, sugar is avoided whenever possible. Diabetes management has led many seniors searching for an alternative to glucose. But did you know that some of the alternatives are damaging to your health as well? Researchers have conducted many studies on artificial sweeteners over the years. But…

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Pomegranates For Diabetes And Other Health Conditions

One of our specialties at Elmwood Hills Healthcare Center is diabetes management. You definitely know about the importance of maintaining low sugar levels, but do you know that sweet pomegranates are good for people with diabetes? Pomegranates for Diabetes Yup. Pomegranates, while sweet, don’t affect you like other fruits with sugars. According to Professor Michael…

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Frozen Shoulder In Senior Citizens Due To Chronic Illness

A frozen shoulder in senior citizens may be due to chronic illness. Thyroid problems, Parkinson’s disease, heart disease, diabetes, and certain medications can be factors.   Frozen Shoulder: What Happens Strong connective tissue called the shoulder capsule surrounds the ball end of your upper arm bone and holds it to the socket. Frozen shoulder causes this…

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