Positivity Health Benefits

happy graduate

For some people being positive is a natural thing. They have a way of looking at the world through a different lens. But the truth is that positivity can be cultivated. And once you find out how powerful it can be there’s no doubt you’ll want the positivity health benefits. “An attitude of positive expectation…

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Avocado Health Benefits


Are you familiar with avocado health benefits? Here are three benefits that this wonderful food can add to your life. Ageing Avocados have nutrients that can help you age while lowering negative effects. These include vitamins A, B, C, E, and K, and potassium. Vitamin A can help you with healthy skin as it assists…

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Health Benefits Of Barley


Barley may not be one of the first foods that come to mind when you think about healthy nutrition. But the truth is that the health benefits of barley are quite impressive. Knowing what they are can help you make better decisions as how to add this grain into your diet. Here are some health…

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Is Standing Good For You?

standing feet

Do you spend a lot of your time standing? You may have heard that sitting too long isn’t good for you. You might have also heard that people now use standing desks at work. But is standing good for you? And if it is, is there a downside to standing? Some of the Positive Standing…

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American Heart Month – Cholesterol Basics

heart health

It’s February, and that means it’s American Heart Month. Due to its severity, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) set this year’s focus on blood cholesterol. According to the numbers from the American Heart Association, as cited by the CDC, almost 1 out of every 3 American adults have high blood cholesterol. This…

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Is Neotame Safe?

For anyone suffering from diabetes or conscious about the health, sugar is avoided whenever possible. Diabetes management has led many seniors searching for an alternative to glucose. But did you know that some of the alternatives are damaging to your health as well? Researchers have conducted many studies on artificial sweeteners over the years. But…

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Eggs And Your Health

“My go-to meal is soft-boiled eggs with toasty squares” – Ashlan Gorse Cousteau Eggs have been around for a very long time and so has the debate on how they affect your health. As a senior you may be wondering if they should be a part of your intake. Here’s what some of those in-the-know…

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Going Bananas: The Benefits Of Bioactive Compounds In Bananas

“Never interrupt me when I’m eating a banana.” Ryan Stiles Did you know that bananas are good for your heart? How about for your blood pressure and cancer? Yup, this fruit has serious health potential and you may want to consider adding it to your diet today. But it doesn’t end there. Bananas are also…

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