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Medication and the Elderly: What You Need to Ask Your Pharmacist

When it comes to questions about medication, most people’s instinct is to ask the doctor. That’s not always the best call, though. Because there’s another, behind-the-scenes member of your loved one’s health team who likely knows even more about medication than the doctor does. Today we’re going to talk about what you need to ask…

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Elderly Fraud: 5 Warning Signs Your Parents Are Being Fleeced

Did you know that over 10% of America’s older adults are targeted by financial scammers per year? That means that over 5 million people are getting fleeced, day after day. In case that wasn’t enough to shock you, one financial study found that this kind of elderly fraud costs America’s older adults over $37 billion…

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What is Palliative Care for Seniors?

The incredible advances made by modern medicine mean that the average American can expect to live a lot longer than his or her grandparents lived. While that’s an amazing thing, it also means that there are a lot more older Americans dealing with chronic illnesses. That’s where palliative care for seniors comes in. What is…

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