Too Much Sleep Just As Bad For You, As Too Little Sleep

too much sleep

Too much sleep can be just as bad for you as getting too little sleep according to the American Heart Association.   That’s right — getting more than the recommended seven to nine hours per night  is now linked to a higher risk of premature death.  Indeed, according to the American Heart Association (AHA), excessive sleeping…

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Is Standing Good For You?

standing feet

Do you spend a lot of your time standing? You may have heard that sitting too long isn’t good for you. You might have also heard that people now use standing desks at work. But is standing good for you? And if it is, is there a downside to standing? Some of the Positive Standing…

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Heart Disease Signs That You May Have Not Considered

man with chest pain

Another week into American Heart Month, this week Elmwood Hills Healthcare Center focuses on signs and symptoms of heart disease. Heart disease is dangerous and very common. Often, people only realize issues after receiving a disease. While not every form of heart disease has noticeable symptoms before it hits, there are several signs and symptoms…

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Maintaining A Healthy Lifestyle For Diabetes Management

elderly man walking by beach

Type 2 diabetes isn’t fun. Thankfully, though, we at Elmwood Hills Healthcare Center know that it’s manageable. And a recent study sheds light on the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle for diabetes management. This may not sound like a major discovery, but the new study shows just how important a healthy lifestyle can go.…

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Vascular Disease: What Are The Symptoms And Health Affects

Vascular disease affects the blood vessels, arteries, and veins of the circulatory system and is a subgroup of cardiovascular disease. Disorders in this vast network of blood vessels, can cause a range of health problems which can be severe or prove fatal, if not treated.     Vascular Disease: The Vascular Network “Vascular” comes from a Latin word for…

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