Social Apps To Help Seniors Keep In-Touch

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Ageing brings with it many virtues. One of them is greater appreciation for family and friends. In the past, keeping in-touch with loved ones was limited to visits, phone calls and letters. If you were in a hurry to connect with someone in another country, who keeps a different time zone or have a face-to-face conversation, you were out of luck. Fortunately, modern technology has brought this need within arm’s reach. As technology becomes more user friendly and accessible, more seniors can be seen with the latest gadgets and devices.

Here are a couple of apps that can help you stay close to your loved ones.

2 great social apps to keep you connected


Perhaps one of the older social apps on the market, Skype offers face-to-face video chatting, instant messaging and even phone calls. The Microsoft-owned company is largely free and is supported on many platforms. This along with its simplicity and good audio quality make Skype an attractive choice for 74,000,000 users.


WhatsApp is a highly popular social app for smartphones. Its simple interface and multiple functions made this free app the choice of 1.3 billion active users in July 2016. The app, now owned by Facebook, allows you to share text, voice notes, video clips, images and more, super quickly. You can also make phone and video calls, free of charge. To top it off, there is a feature that can show you if your message was viewed by the recipient.

With an ever-growing list of options, keeping in touch with family and friends, wherever you are, has never been easier.

Which technology do you use to keep up with family and friends?

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