Rehabilitation At Skilled Nursing Facilities

A common concern that elderly people face after a fall or hospitalization is deciding on the right rehabilitation plan. As someone caring for your loved one, you definitely want them to get only the best care. But, you likely don’t know where to start and would probably like to know more about rehabilitation at skilled nursing facilities and its benefits.

So, where do you start?Wheelchairs in hallway This post will discuss just that.

Rehabilitation Services

Essentially, there are two forms of rehab: outpatient and inpatient.

Outpatient Rehabilitation

Outpatient rehabilitation means that the rehab services are delivered in clinics, while those receiving the services generally live at home and only come to the clinics for rehabilitation services. This approach has its benefits. However, it may not be best for everyone.

Inpatient Rehabilitation

Inpatient rehabilitation takes place at Inpatient Physical Rehabilitation Centers. These can include skilled nursing and rehabilitation centers, such as Elmwood Hills Healthcare Center, assisted living facilities, and hospitals.

Benefits of Inpatient Rehabilitation

The benefit of inpatient rehab is the ’round-the-clock service and the skilled nursing care that they offer. According to Sarah Mitchell, MSW,  “If your loved one is confined to a bed, or requires extensive nursing services, a skilled nursing facility is the best option.”

Additionally, caregivers at skilled nursing centers offer your loved one a wide-range of therapies and treatments. It’s an approach that involves a team of professionals from different fields, which can personalize the treatment according to your loved one’s needs. Ultimately, this can help your loved one get better quicker and allow them to feel more independent and strong.

Another benefit of inpatient rehabilitation is its intensity. Rehabilitation at a skilled nursing facility can allow your loved one to focus on their recovery and therapy without the distractions that they have on the outside.

So, are you thinking about a skilled nursing facility for your loved one’s rehabilitation?

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