Preventing Dry Hands In The Winter

Chapped hands are often a feature of winter for many people. Unlike dry eyes, you’ll probably notice immediately if your hands are too dry. For some people it can get really bad, and it becomes a big disturbance. But did you know that there’s a number of measures you can take for preventing dry hands?


Here are three straightforward tips you can easily implement.

Hand Cream

Hand creams aren’t just for treating already dry or chapped hands. They actually do a good job as a preventative measure too. Hand cream gives your hand moisture and keeps it from drying out.

Keep in mind, not all creams work the same for everyone. So speak your doctor about their recommendation. Trying different over-the-counter brands may also give you a good idea of what works for your skin.

So why not make a routine out of applying some of your favorite hand cream before going to bed?


Gloves will give your hand protection from the wind, which can dry up your skin. If your cold, there’s a good chance you’re already wearing gloves outdoors. But now you can be even more careful not to expose your hands when not necessary.


Chemicals aren’t only hazardous to your health, they can wreak havoc on your skin too. So try not to come into direct contact with chemicals if you don’t have to. When you do touch a cleaning agent with chemicals, clean your hands well as soon as you can. Don’t let the chemicals sit around too long.

Preventing dry hands in the winter doesn’t always seem possible, but you may be surprised how much these simple tips can help. Why not give them a try? Your hands will thank you.

Do you get dry hands in the winter?

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  1. richard burg on December 28, 2018 at 11:18 pm

    get dry skin all the time just use moisurizer