Preparation For Surgery

As you probably know, Elmwood Hills Healthcare Center specializes in post-surgery recovery. And easing the process of post-surgery is very important.

But today we’re here to tell you about preparation for surgery.

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Surgery can be scary but, when necessary, it can also be lifesaving. If you or a loved one needs to undergo an operation, you probably have mixed emotions about it. On one-hand you may be scared and on the other-hand you might be relieved or even excited about the future.

Regardless, one thing you don’t want to feel is unprepared. Preparation is important for any big change in your life, like preparing your loved one for a long-term nursing care facility and preparing for major life events. The right preparation can also help you feel calmer.

So, how do you prepare for surgery?

First-of-all follow the doctor’s orders. That may sound obvious but remember that their advice overrides anything else your friends or this post may tell you.

Here are 3 areas that you may overlook when getting ready for an operation:


Resting up is usually important for just about anything major. Surgery is no different.

Preparation for surgery includes having your body in good enough shape. So make sure to get a good night’s sleep before surgery. If necessary, do what it takes to help yourself get a better night’s sleep.


Never underestimate the power of someone close to you at your side. When you accompany a loved one to surgery, you give them the message that they are not in this alone. They feel cared for and loved. You may even give them more hope and brighten their spirits. So having the right person(s) with the patient is key.

Waiting Time

Unfortunately, hospitals aren’t always able to be as punctual as you’d like. Your surgery may have been called for 12:00 and you made sure to get there early enough only to wait until 4:00 to be admitted. This can happen. So preparing for it beforehand can really help you stay calm in this situation.

Bring along a book, an MP3 player, a board game or a knitting kit, whatever works for you. And relax.

Have you or a loved one undergone surgery?

What helped you prepare for surgery?

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