Post-Surgery Recovery: Tips To Ease The Process

Surgery is no picnic and getting back to yourself after an operation can be challenging. This is why we emphasize our post-surgery recovery specialty at Elmwood Hills Healthcare Center.

cartoon surgeon ready to operate

“My job as a surgeon is not just to fix a joint, but to give my patients the encouragement and tools they need to speed up their recovery and leave my clinic better than they have been in years.” – Kevin R. Stone

While you can be rest assured that you’ll get top-quality care at Elmwood Hills Healthcare Center and can safely rely on our dedicated staff to assist you in your recovery, there are some tips you can implement on your own to ease the process.

Here are 2 to help you get back to yourself once the surgery is behind you:

Move Around

Movement is a natural part of life and it is essential to normal functioning. While you definitely need to rest up and heed your doctor’s orders, don’t go to the opposite extreme of immobilization. In-fact, “lying in bed can trigger a host of problems — blood clots, pressure ulcers, pulmonary embolisms, and weakening of your muscles.” So, make sure to get your daily dose of movement.


Getting the right foods can make a tremendous difference when it comes to post-surgery recovery. These include: proteins, vitamin C, B12, Iron, fiber and probiotics. Sugary foods and sports drinks, however, should be avoided.

Have you undergone a surgery in the past? What has been helpful in your recovery?

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