Positivity Health Benefits

For some people being positive is a natural thing. They have a way of looking at the world through a different lens. But the truth is that positivity can be cultivated. And once you find out how powerful it can be there’s no doubt you’ll want the positivity health benefits.

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“An attitude of positive expectation is the mark of the superior personality.”– Brian Tracy

Health Benefits


People who think positively tend to live 10 years longer than people who think negatively.

Immune Response

According to a study, the immune response of optimistic people with optimism is significantly stronger than the immune response of pessimistic people. This was tested by injecting the participants with an actual virus and measuring how their immune system responded.

In another study, law students with optimistic thinking showed greater cell-mediated immunity than their optimistic counterparts.


Who do you think copes better under stress, people with a positive outlook or those with a negative one? Researchers found that optimists and pessimists approach stressful situations radically different. While pessimists focus on the disappointment and feel that the situation is out of their control, optimists focus on what they can do to better the situation.


According to a study in the American Journal of Cardiology, which examined the relationship between optimism and cholesterol, “results suggested that greater optimism was associated with greater high-density lipoprotein cholesterol and lower triglycerides.” The researchers note that “this is the first study to suggest that optimism is associated with a healthy lipid profile.” So try to think optimistically. It’s good for your heart.

Are you a positive?

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