Pomegranates For Diabetes And Other Health Conditions

One of our specialties at Elmwood Hills Healthcare Center is diabetes management.


You definitely know about the importance of maintaining low sugar levels, but do you know that sweet pomegranates are good for people with diabetes?

Pomegranates for Diabetes

Yup. Pomegranates, while sweet, don’t affect you like other fruits with sugars.

According to Professor Michael Aviram, pomegranate sugar has antioxidants attached to it, which makes the sugar protect you from atherosclerosis.1

Pomegranates for Other Health Areas

But that’s not all. There’s lots of research on the health benefits of pomegranates.

Some of these areas include: blood pressure, obesity, high cholesterol, sore throat, dental plaque, gum disease, muscle strength and soreness, and metabolic syndrome.

Pomegranates are also good for your heart, and they can keep you young.2

So why not grab a pomegranate today?

Have you ever considered pomegranates for diabetes?

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