Who’s Your Pen Pal?

pen, pad, crunched paper, pen pal

“I think now, whenever I write, there is nothing that will really compare to pen and paper.”

– Bishop Briggs

You’re always trying to help seniors out. You visit, bake cakes, send pictures. You’ve practically thought of everything, right? Well, here’s a not so original idea – a pen pal relationship.

Yes, that’s right, pen pals aren’t just for your kids; your beloved aunt Sally would be delighted to be your pen pal and for good reason.

Here’s why:

Writing is Familiar

Unlike today’s generation, seniors grew up with pens and papers. They are much more familiar with a sheet of paper than an app that functions like one. Writing back-and-forth is their domain.

Letters Show Investment

Writing a letter shows you’ve invested time and energy. It has an added value to the message contained in the words you’ve written.

Constant Connection

When you’re a pen pal, you give the gift of receiving. You take an active interest in someone else’s life and give them the opportunity to share it, constantly, on the level they wish.


Being a pen pal is a two-way street. You give and you take. You may be surprised how much wisdom your beloved grandma has. Her life experiences, rich history and link to a previous era give her an advantage your social media buddies may not have.

Once a Letter Always a Letter

Some people save their letters and refer to them from time-to-time. Your letter may take a few minutes of thought and planning, but its usefulness can last generations.


Building on the previous point, when you keep your letters together, you can go back and track developments over time. You can see where and when things started. You can find patterns. This can teach you a lot about yourself and your loved one.

A pen pal isn’t just for children. By becoming a pen pal with an elderly person in your life, you both stand to gain immensely.

Who will your pen pal be?

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