Keeping Cool in the Summer

Keeping cool in the summer may seem difficult, especially if you decide to spend a lot of time outdoors at Elmwood Hills Healthcare Center’s beautiful grounds. But with some knowledge and implementation it is possible.

Here are a couple of ideas, with somewhat less-known caveats, to help you out.

summery day with sun shining on grass

Drink Water

Water may be the oldest and simplest method of staying hydrated, but it may also be the most effective one too. Track your water intake daily. If you’re planning to spend a few hours outdoors, make sure to bring a bottle of water with you.

Sugary drinks, however, aren’t good for your hydration. So, keep these to a minimum.

Shower with Warm Water

While you may already be showering or bathing daily for hygienic purposes, it gives you another benefit by lowering your body temperatures and cooing you off.

What’s interesting, though, is that warm showers will cool you off more than cold ones.

According to The Conversation:

‘A cold shower to “cool off” might seem a good immediate choice. We feel cooler because of the combination of the cold water and the decreased blood flow to the skin, but in fact our core will get warmer because of reduced heat loss from the body without skin blood flow. Some minutes later, we feel hot again. But a warm sensation on the skin will lead to increased blood flow to the skin, increasing heat loss from the body. So, keeping cool in summer will be more effective with a warm shower (water temperature about 33⁰C) rather than a cold shower (water temperature 20-25⁰C). It will seem warm initially but after a few minutes will provide better comfort in the long term.’

Is keeping cool in the summer an issue for you?

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