Is Standing Good For You?

Do you spend a lot of your time standing?

standing feet

You may have heard that sitting too long isn’t good for you. You might have also heard that people now use standing desks at work.

But is standing good for you? And if it is, is there a downside to standing?

Some of the Positive

Standing has been linked to several benefits, including a lower risk of obesity and weight gain, less chance of getting type 2 diabetes, and it may lower the risk of getting cancer.

Cardiovascular Disease

According to the research, standing may improve your heart health:

In the words of a summary from a 2015 article published in the European Society of Cardiology:

“More time spent standing rather than sitting could improve your blood sugar, fats in the blood and cholesterol levels, according to a new study. The study also shows that replacing time spent sitting with time walking could have additional benefits for your waistline and body mass index.”

But according to a study cited in The Conversation:

“People who primarily stand on the job are twice as likely to develop heart disease as people who primarily sit. This was the case even after taking into account a wide range of factors, including personal factors (including age, gender, education levels, ethnicity, immigrant status and marital status), health (e.g., diabetes, arthritis, hypertension, mood and anxiety disorders) and the type of work being performed (e.g., physical demands, shift schedule).”

So maybe the pros and cons outweigh themselves on this one.

Concentration and Discomfort

In another study, twenty adults stood for two hours. while their concentration improved their body comfort declined. They particularly felt worse in their lower back and lower limbs. However, overall the felt 47 percent less comfortable in their entire body.

Do you spend a lot of time on your feet?

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