Information Regarding Medicare Part D

you or your loved one has ever been to a Post-Acute Rehabilitation center after a 3 night, in-patient hospital stay, for short term rehab,  chances are you are familiar with Medicare Part A benefits.

Medicare is typically synonymous with short term rehab and is considered the quintessential short term rehab payor source, in that it covers a robust and comprehensive therapy program which allows the patient to achieve their prior level of functioning.

Conversely, not too many people (or, not all people) are familiar with Medicare Part D.

This article is designed to hopefully give you that basic understanding and overview of this Medicare component.

The Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Benefit

In 2017, 746 PDPs will be offered across the 34 PDP regions nationwide (excluding the territories). This represents a decrease of 140 PDPs, or 16%, since 2016, a 25% reduction since 2015, and the smallest number of PDPs available since Part D started in 2006.