How Laughing Helps Your Health

“Whoever said laughter is the best medicine was right – it’s also the glue that holds friendships together. To laugh together at life’s ridiculous turn of events makes those events bearable. To laugh at the funny things in life makes life wonderful. The real gift is having a friend to share … laughter with.” ― Ellen Jacob

Ronald Reagan laughing

Laughing has been linked to health for a long time. “Laughter is the best medicine,” goes the saying. But is there any truth to this claim? And how, specifically, can laughing affect your health?

Laughter Health Benefits

A quick search will show you that laughter is a very powerful medicine indeed. And there are many ways laughing helps your health. And they’re pretty impressive. Here are 5 serious benefits that demonstrate how laughing helps your health.


Laughing may generally be assumed to coincide with optimism. According to a study, optimistic seniors had a lower risk of dying compared to their pessimistic counterparts.


By laughing, you can lower the level of stress hormones, like cortisol. As stress can play such a major role in your quality of life, it’s good to know that you can control it to a certain extent by laughing.

Immune System

Laughter plays a role in the health of your immune system as well. It does this by making your T cells more effective and increasing the amount of antibody producing cells.

Less Pain

If you laugh for fifteen minutes, you might be able to tolerate pain 10% better than if you hadn’t laughed for that amount of time, says a British study. By laughing, your brain releases endorphins, which lessen the pain.

Heart Health

Do you want lower blood pressure and better blood flow? Laughter may be an answer. This can lower your risk of getting a heart attack or stroke and improve your cardiovascular health.

Would you agree that laughing helps your health?

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