Heart Disease Signs That You May Have Not Considered

Another week into American Heart Month, this week Elmwood Hills Healthcare Center focuses on signs and symptoms of heart disease.

Heart disease is dangerous and very common. Often, people only realize issues after receiving a disease. While not every form of heart disease has noticeable symptoms before it hits, there are several signs and symptoms you shouldn’t overlook.

man with chest pain

Types of Heart Disease

Heart disease can mean one of many different conditions that affect your heart.

This includes among others:

  • coronary artery disease,
  • congenital heart defects,
  • and arrhythmias.

Another term commonly used for heart disease is cardiovascular disease, though the latter generally refers to specific conditions involving blocked or narrowed blood vessels, according to the Mayo Clinic.

Signs and Symptoms

Although different heart conditions may have different warning signs, there are some symptoms you should consider regardless of which specific condition they may indicate.

Here are a three signs that often have nothing to do with heart disease yet at times can be a symptom of just that.

Chest Pain

Chest pain, or angina, is probably the most common warning sign of coronary heart disease. While angina is usually felt in the chest, people can also feel it in other body parts like the arms, shoulders, jaw, neck, throat, and back.


While nausea may have nothing to do with your heart, it can be in indication of heart issues. So if you are at risk for heart problems, you should definitely make sure to take this sign seriously.


Feeling dizziness or light-headed can be a sign of heart issues. Specifically, this is a symptom of arrhythmias.

As you can see, these specific symptoms often have no connection to heart disease, so please don’t panic. That said, you also shouldn’t ignore them, especially if you’re at risk for heart issues.

Are you at high risk for heart disease?

What signs and symptoms do you look out for?

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