2 Lessons About Authentic Happiness From Our Elders

happiness ball sticking out among gloomy balls

“The art of being happy lies in the power of extracting happiness from common things.”
– Henry Ward Beecher

Happiness has become very popular these days. From self-help books to marketing campaigns and almost every other medium we come across, the message rings very loud: you should be happy and our [fill in the blank] will give it to you.

Happiness Wisdom From Seniors

Here are 2 lessons we can learn from our beloved elders about the subject:


Being happy and upbeat may not be the first thing you think of when you think of seniors. But, maybe you should spend more time with real people than getting ideas from the media. Our wonderful friends at Elmwood Hills Health Care Center will be happy to set the record straight.

According to a study mentioned in New Jersey’s Department of State website, happiness levels tend to drop between the teen years and age 40. Then they go back up, so much so, that the happiest people were 74-years-old!

The study noted the quality of appreciation as the factor related to the elders’ happiness.

So, here’s a plan for happiness: invest in appreciating the good, instead of focusing on the luxuries you’re missing out on.


Authentic Connection

We may just be the most connected generation is history. From cell phones to instant messaging and social media, we are literally wired to millions of people around the globe, at all hours of the day.

But go over your contacts, how many of these connections truly have your back?

Look at your parent’s (or your grandparent’s) generation. They may have not had a network or been part of online group or circles or community, but they had something else: authentic connections.

We’re talking about deep relationships that have been intact for decades. Friends that have stuck it out through the joyous occasions and the tougher moments. The kind of people that weren’t necessarily identified by status, but by quality. There’s a quality in these social relationships that goes beyond hitting ‘like’ on posts.

Let’s not kid ourselves, connection of this sort requires investment and maybe even sacrificing ‘disconnected connections.’ But, then again, who said happiness isn’t an investment.

Happiness is big these days. Here’s a couple of lessons on happiness you can learn from seniors. Why not try them for yourself?

How can you start incorporating greater appreciation and more authentic connections in your life?

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