Eating Too Much, Suggestions To Help Moderate Your Intake

Eating too much? Gaining weight? Hate the way you look? Is your mirror turning its back as you walk by? Well, here are several strategies to help moderate your food intake. It’s easier than you think to keep your portions balanced and to eat moderately.




Eating: Keep fresh food out and put snacks away

You’re more likely to reach for the foods you spot first, so keep fresh fruit out in a bowl on the counter where it’s easily visible. Store sweets and treats in the cupboard or in the freezer so you’re not tempted to grab a handful whenever you walk into the kitchen.


Eating: Downsize your plates, bowls, and glasses

On average, we eat more than 90 percent of whatever is in front of us. By simply using a smaller plate, bowl, or glass, you’ll serve yourself less, and effortlessly end up eating less as a result.


Eating: Measure your fats

It’s easy to go overboard when you pour olive oil straight from the bottle. So when a recipe calls for it, grab your measuring spoon and use the exact quantity called for. You’ ll have enough to complement your dish, but it won’t be more than you need.


Eating: Plate your food in the kitchen

Yes, family-style platters look bountiful on the table, but they can also make it extra easy to help yourself to more food—even when you are not actually that hungry. If you find that you’re often tempted to take another bite or spoonful, try serving your meals already plated instead.

You can still get up and take more from the kitchen if you really want to, after you have given yourself time to let the fullness settle in. But you’ll think twice before you do it.


Eating: Make half of your meal vegetables

Chances are eating a Mediterranean-style diet means you’re already bumping up your veggie consumption. So let them fill a full half of your plate. With vegetables taking up so much real estate, you’ll automatically have less space for foods that are easier to eat too much of, such as pasta.


Eating: Portion out your snacks

Put nuts in a small bowl or plastic bag, if you are packing them to enjoy later. Stop noshing straight from the container. Cut a few slivers of cheese for yourself instead of setting out a big chunk.

Portioning your snacks is a simple way to avoid accidentally overdoing it. And when you know exactly how much you have, you’ll be more likely to eat slower and savor your food.



Watch this informative video on food portion control: