May Is Disability Insurance Awareness Month

Do you have disability insurance?

Chances are you do. Elmwood Hills Healthcare Center’s readers know a thing or two about taking disability seriously.

If you answered yes, you are better off than 51 million households across America. Unfortunately, this is the number of households that rely on Social Security alone, according to the American Council of Life Insurers.1

crutch signaling disability

Why is Disability Insurance Important?

So, what’s the big deal, you ask?

It’s very big. Disability is a major cause of bankruptcy. According the Maine Law Review, the following factors accounted for 61% of bankruptcies, in 2014:1

  • Medical bills – 26%
  • Lost jobs – 20%
  • Injuries – 15%

The Council for Disability Awareness

This is where The Council for Disability Awareness (CDA) comes in. The CDA is a non-profit organization, dedicated to teaching Americans about the dangers of relying on primary income alone.

During Disability Insurance Awareness Month, the CDA raises awareness about the importance of getting income insurance.

If you answered no to the question we started with or know of a family member or friend who could use convincing, have a look at

Disability isn’t a picnic, but it doesn’t have to be a nightmare either. Insuring yourself may make the difference.

How important is disability income insurance to you?

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