Dealing With Changes Effectively

Changes are abundant and can occur at every stage of life.

In fact, if there’s one thing we deal with at Elmwood Hills Healthcare Center it’s certain changes to your loved one’s life.

Changes can come in many different sizes, shapes and forms. Some can be anticipated, while others can come when you least expect them. They can be exciting, devastating or neutral. Your feelings towards them can be positive or negative, and you can even have mixed emotions.

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One thing is certain, changes are a part of life. That’s a given.

Dealing with changes effectively, though, isn’t.

Getting Stuck on Changes

While difficult or significant life changes, like moving into a long-term nursing care facility, can be tough for anyone to digest and often call for an adjustment period or professional intervention, some people have a hard time with almost any change whatsoever.

They have difficulty adapting and accepting the new reality. They get stuck and suffer.

A modification to their menu or a change to their schedule can be a crisis.

Getting Unstuck

You may have a loved one in your life that fits the picture. So, what can you do to help them?

Understand them.

The older we become the more entrenched our routine becomes. That makes the adjustment that much harder. We also tend to view changes as parting with the past. And goodbyes aren’t fun as a senior.

If you can feel the difficulty, allow them to express it and show your understanding while being empathic, that may be the best thing you can do for them.

Another important part in dealing with changes is to find a positive aspect in the new reality. But you have to be careful with this. This is often a good idea for your own adaptation, but others can take it as a minimization of their difficulties.

It isn’t about telling your loved one just how good this is for them, rather it’s about waiting for the opportune time to subtly mention the opportunity or benefit while acknowledging the difficulty. If they don’t see any good  it it, let go.

Do you know of someone who can use help dealing with changes effectively?

How can you help them?

Please share in the comments below. 


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