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Congenital Heart Defect Awareness Week

Congenital Heart Defect Awareness Week honors those born with a heart defect and all of the families and friends touched by children with heart defects. This is also the time for recognizing those who care for children and adults born with heart defects, as well as researchers and other heart experts.

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Drug Prices Too High For Senior Citizens, Double The Inflation Rate

drug prices

Drug prices are currently twice the rate of inflation. Amazing and incredible! Just to give you an example, the average annual cost for widely used prescription drugs used to treat chronic conditions was $20,000 in 2017, according to a new AARP report. The report analyzed the retail prices of 754 brand-name, generic, and specialty medicines.…

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Walmart’s Mental Health Clinic

shopping in a grocery

Getting Creative With Mental Health Care There’s something hitting Walmart stores, and the one near you may be next. But this isn’t not a new product. It’s a health service – a mental health clinic! In an effort to make mental health treatment accessible to the public, Beacon Health Options decided to launch a clinic…

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What’s With Romaine Lettuce?

In case you’re wondering what’s with romaine lettuce. There’s good news: The CDC released an update regarding the status of the E. coli infected lettuce. It turns out that the problematic lettuce can be traced to Central Coastal growing regions of northern and central California. This means that romaine lettuce harvested in other regions are…

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The Connection Between Insurance Deductibles And Diabetes Care

Residents at Elmwood Hills Healthcare Center know that good diabetes management requires staying on top of symptoms and developments without delay. But did you know that your insurance package may play a role in holding you back from doing just that? Diabetes Care and Insurance Deductibles In an Annals of Internal Medicine article from November…

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E. Coli Outbreak Warning – Avoid Romaine Lettuce Says CDC

Are you planning on having vegetable salad with romaine lettuce as a side dish for dinner tonight? Forget about it. E. Coli Warning Romaine lettuce is to be shunned, according to a warning from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Apparently, the lettuce is responsible for a recent outbreak of E. coli, in…

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World Polio Day 2018

In 10 years, the world could be facing 200,000 cases of polio a year. Those are the numbers according to the World Health Organization (WHO) if the virus were to break out again. In honor of World Polio Day (WPD), we’ll explore the disease that sowed panic in many of Elmwood Hills residence not that…

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Medicare Annual Enrollment Period 2018

It’s after October 15 and that means many seniors are busy choosing their Medicare options for 2019. Since 2011, October 15 has marked the start of Medicare Open Enrollment, which lasts until December 7, 2018. Open Enrollment is also known as the Annual Enrollment Period (AEP). The Different Enrollment Periods AEP is one of four…

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