Red Wine Benefits

glass with red wine

Are you a red wine drinker? If you’ve followed health news and updates over the years, you’ve definitely seen discussions about the possible benefits of drinking a glass of red wine day. Here are several surprising red wine benefits that may just be a glass away. While this is just a partial list and far…

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Helping Seniors Feel Understood

older monkey putting hand on younger monkey's shoulder

People want to be heard and understood. Period. It sounds simple, but so many people don’t realize just how vital this basic need is at all ages. We all need to feel like someone is listening and gets it. And seniors are no different. Seniors have their unique needs and often need assistance, and as…

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What You Should Know About Motion Sickness In Seniors


Have you ever heard of motion sickness? Most-likely, you have and you associate the phenomenon with children. However, motion sickness in seniors is also quite prevalent. Motion Sickness and Seniors Motion sickness in seniors may be harder to detect. As Lisa Carson writes, “because the symptoms of motion sickness mimic many of the symptoms of…

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Health Benefits Of Barley


Barley may not be one of the first foods that come to mind when you think about healthy nutrition. But the truth is that the health benefits of barley are quite impressive. Knowing what they are can help you make better decisions as how to add this grain into your diet. Here are some health…

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When A Loved One Has Alzheimer’s

Head missing puzzle pieces

Feeling forgotten by a loved one is excruciatingly painful. And, unfortunately for many family members and friends of Alzheimer’s sufferers this is the reality. A lot has been said about the individual suffering from the disease, but the truth is that those close to him or her suffer greatly too. In this post we’ll discuss…

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Benefits Of Playing A Musical Instrument


Do you play a musical instrument? If you don’t, maybe it’s time you started. After you see just how beneficial playing an instrument can be for you, you’ll probably want to. Here are three benefits of playing a musical instrument. Stress Reduction There are no shortage of reasons to fret. And too much fretting will…

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Is Standing Good For You?

standing feet

Do you spend a lot of your time standing? You may have heard that sitting too long isn’t good for you. You might have also heard that people now use standing desks at work. But is standing good for you? And if it is, is there a downside to standing? Some of the Positive Standing…

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Aloe Vera Benefits

aloe vera plant

Aloe vera has been around for a very long time, and it has been regarded as a healing agent since ancient history. Aloe Vera History Let’s have a look at its history to understand more about its healing properties. The use of aloe vera for medical purposes dates back to Egypt, Greece, India, Japan, China, and Mexico.…

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Heart Disease Signs That You May Have Not Considered

man with chest pain

Another week into American Heart Month, this week Elmwood Hills Healthcare Center focuses on signs and symptoms of heart disease. Heart disease is dangerous and very common. Often, people only realize issues after receiving a disease. While not every form of heart disease has noticeable symptoms before it hits, there are several signs and symptoms…

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