Great Birthday Gift Idea For Your Elderly Parent

birthday gift

“The years have been just full of surprises for me, and a lot of fun.” – Dick Van Dyke

Do you celebrate your elderly parent’s birthdays?

For many people a quick ‘happy birthday’ is where the celebration starts and ends, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

While throwing a lavish birthday party may not be their style, there are still many modest yet powerful ways of making your loved one feel special on this significant day.

Here’s a great idea you can start working on today.

Letter Book

Have you ever received a letter from someone dear to you? How did it make you feel? You can see where this is headed. Your mom or dad feel the same when they get a letter from someone they care about.

Now add up the entire family, all the children, grandchildren, siblings and close friends (at Elmwood Hills Healthcare Center they probably have quite a few) and have them all write a personal birthday letter.

Yes, it’s quite a feat but well worth the effort.

Put it all together and present them with the album.

What kind of an impact would that have? Quite a big one.

Who will you ask to take part in the letter album?

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