Habits Affect Your Health, Get Rid Of The Bad Ones

Most people don’t realize that bad habits can significantly worsen their health and even develop into chronic illnesses. In this blog we will highlight some nasty bad habits and their consequences.



Habits: Knuckle Cracking


The sound is not only annoying but also bad for your health.  A substance called synovial fluid keeps your joints moving easily. Cracking your knuckles pops tiny bubbles into that fluid and weakens the fluid. If you crack knuckles frequently, you’re more likely to develop swollen hands and a weak grip over time.

Habits: Biting Your Nails


This damages your teeth as well as the skin around your nail bed, which can lead to infection. You also may get more colds and other illnesses when you put your fingers, which often carry germs, into your mouth.


Lack of Sleep


If you don’t get enough sleep, you are also more likely to develop high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, and depression. Short term and long term memory also decline. Sleep doctors recommend it’s best to get 7-8 of sleep every night.


Don’t Be A Couch Potato


Most Americans spend too much time sitting on their duffs. Part of the problem is the modern workplace, where you may hunker over your computer for hours on end. This slows down your metabolism, which leads to weight gain. It’s also linked to other health problems, including heart disease, circulation problems, and chronic fatigue. At a minimum, take a break and move around. Even a 10-minute walk each day can help.


You Drink Way Too Much


Men who average more than 14 alcoholic beverages a week and women who have more than seven drinks, run the likely risk to develop kidney disease, liver disease, digestive issues, heart problems, bone damage, and even some cancers. Drink moderately, 1-2 drinks should be your maximum.


You Eat Too Much


Even if it’s healthy food, you will gain weight. Overeating leads to heart disease, diabetes, and high blood pressure, and it also can raise your chances of getting certain kinds of cancer. The pragmatic solution is to check your  portion sizes before meals and measure out healthy snacks.


You Refuse To Floss

Brushing your teeth isn’t enough. You need to clean between your teeth in order to get rid of plaque, the sticky bacteria-filled film that causes cavities. Too much plaque results in gum disease, a serious condition that’s linked to other health issues like stroke, heart disease, and diabetes.



Bad habits can lead to bad health. You are in danger of developing infections and chronic diseases. Make a list of your habits and work diligently to get rid of the bad ones. Here’s to your continuing good health!