3 Suggestions For A Better Conversation

“A conversation is a dialogue, not a monologue. That’s why there are so few good conversations: due to scarcity, two intelligent talkers seldom meet.”

– Truman Capote

man and boy in a conversation

After reading our recent post on National Skilled Nursing Care Week (NSNCW) at Elmwood Hills Healthcare Center, you may be wondering how to have better conversations. In this post, we present 3 recommendations that can help you have the type of conversations you crave.


Good timing is key to so many areas in life. The difference between success and failure often lies in the timing. Conversations aren’t too different. You may have a great story to share, but it may not be the best for your friend to hear it. So, test the waters, if the time is right, go for it. If your intuition is telling you to stop, save it for later and ask them when it would be a good time to continue the conversation.


Talking is only half of a conversation. If you want to have good conversations you also need to be a good listener. Fortunately, you can learn and practice listening skills. When you do, you may be surprised to see how much more pleasant conversing will become.


Interest is about really caring for what your conversation partner has to say because you appreciate them as a person. This kind of communication gets reflected through your non-verbals and resonates on a deeper level than your verbal message. Take a moment to appreciate and see how much better you feel.

What kind of conversations do you look forward to?

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